Tuesday, December 28, 2010

First Trio of Button Bags Listed on Etsy!

Over the Christmas weekend, I completed the third button bag. It was so fun creating all of the rosettes with which to adorn the bag. I used a combination of handspun, hand dyed alpaca yarn from Adrianna's alpaca Phidippides, along with hand dyed cotton yarn, for the blanket stitching of the rosettes. Then of course, I got to pick out the "just right" vintage buttons. Since this is a really nice, soft lambswool sweater by designer Alfani, I choose to leave the tag in...just for fun!

Please visit our Etsy store "Spin A Yarn" (from Adrianna's former homeschool entrepreneur storefront project) if you are interested in purchasing one of the Button Bags. DIY kits for the bags and very reasonably priced DIY bags for rosettes will also be listed by New Years.

We will even be scheduling classes for : Button Bag Creation and Three Gifts to Make in One Hour Each. These 1/2 day classes will be at our beach cabin later in January. Tea and cookies included!

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