Thursday, February 3, 2011

SYWM!!! (Save Your Washing Machine) Felting Tip

I love to felt. Needle felting, wet felting and washing machine felting. However, felting sweaters in your washing machine MAY lead to expensive repair bills as those little pieces of wool fluff may clog up the plumbing. Solution? Place your sweaters in old pillowcases before felting. I went to my local thrift store and found a couple of huge (king sized) zippered pillowcases for $1 each...a great investment. Standard pillowcases were 50 cents. For the standard pillow cases, I put a sweater in (just one per pillowcase) and then cut down from the pillowcase opening to make "tie straps." I then tied these in a knot, and voila...a secure felting bag.

Your family will love you (no more lint/fluff on their favorite clothes or on their towels) and the only one who won't like this is the appliance repair person....because you won't be calling him/her anymore. :)


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