Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wisdom Wednesday! Tips to Save Plastic from the Landfill

I'm starting a new feature.....Wisdom Wednesdays! This will usually be wise tidbits shared by others which I've enJOYEd reading about and learning from.....

Until I started recycling/upcycling fiber arts, I didn't recycle as much at home. But, fiber arts re-use made me more aware! We live on an island so I feel an extra sense of responsibility to not contribute to the landfill or to junk which may end up in the ocean. Plus, it's nice to not have to pay real dollars to the county dump to leave all that extra trash. ;)

I came across this website and it has helpful and interesting tips on how to reduce your plastics use. Hmmm....I never knew that chewing gum was made out of plastic. What's with that?!

While I'm definitely not there yet (eliminating plastic purchases), I hope to incorporate some more of these wise suggestions into my daily life. Please share what you learned from this website and enJOY your Wednesday!

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