Friday, June 15, 2012

What Do History and Yarn Have in Common?

Crafters Co-op supports National History Day.

This year long academic competition is taught by one of our co-op members in the Oak Harbor, Washington School District and has sent students to the national competition at the University of Maryland for six of the past seven years.

Well, today, one of the NHD students from Oak Harbor won the National GOLD medal!  

In celebration, if you come into the shop from now through Saturday evening at close (8 pm) and enthusiastically say:  "History Day ROCKS!", then you will receive 10% off ALL supplies...yarn included!  And, not just any yarn.....Handspun, hand dyed...right in the studio.   Our Whidbey Isle yarns, Whidbey Isle handmade 100% wool felts, fiber arts, papercrafts supplies, beading/jewelry AND lots of fabric are all included in this special celebratory sale!

So, join us in congratulating student Riley Borden, teacher (and fellow co-op member) Dena Royal and the Whidbey Island community for the NHD gold medal.  Yippee...History Day DOES Rock!

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