Friday, November 16, 2012

Class Updates and Christmas Gnomes!

Sorry we haven't posted in a while.  For the shop, we have a new webpage:

Class schedules may be accessed there, and for the most current updates, please "like" our FB page at:

We're all excited about a homespun, handcrafted holiday season, and in that spirit, have started to create one of a kind Christmas gnomes.  We're using our Whidbey Isle Yarns and Wool Felts (handmade, hand dyed wool felt) for the hats and are handspinning/hand knitting many of the scarves.  Some have beards from hand dyed wool or mohair locks and the pine cones are hand gathered here on our island!

While I don't have a photo yet, yesterday I started making Christmas trees out of the wool felt.

 I had acquired a vintage form of the Bedazzler (this one is called Gel Magic) and have been embellishing with a few of the studs or "jewels" and then adding hand embroidery, wool stuffing and organic lavender.  They smell soooo goood!  :)  Photos to follow.  


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