Sunday, January 9, 2011


When we woke up to this scene at our house, we didn't think we would be able to make it down island to take the ferry to the mainland to deliver Merry Mittens. However, in a rare weather twist, it was snowy at the beach, but not in Seattle. After a successful drive and ferry ride, we stopped at Victrola Roasters, our fav coffee shop in the Capitol Hill area and were also able to hand out a few pair of mittens to some very cold senior homeless men.

Snow had started to fall in Seattle and I can't even imagine what it is like to have to sleep outside in such cold, snowy weather. As we then drove downtown, we stopped as we saw a disabled homeless man trying to push a metal walker (with his bare hands in 32 degree temps) across the street. We felt blessed as he quickly put the gloves on and gave us a big smile of thanks! For the next two hours, we visited the Union Gospel Mission and walked around the Pioneer Square area, handing out mittens (filled with toothbrushes, shampoo, soaps, lotions) to those living out in the elements.

We chose to preserve the dignity of those individuals receiving the mittens, so only took pictures of geographical landmarks from the areas where we handed out the mittens. Adrianna and Mikhail helped out and said they were truly moved by this community service project.

If you are reading this blog and live in another cold part of the country, we highly encourage you to start a Merry Mittens Project in your area. It only takes an hour or two to stitch up a pair of woolen mittens from recycled sweater sleeves and wool will keep the hands of the homeless warm, even when the mittens get a bit wet.

Hope you all have a warm, dry and safe week ahead!

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  1. what a great day, despite the snowy weather! i love these pictures dena. but man, are they are making me homesick! i love merry mittens, what a great idea!