Sunday, January 22, 2012

New Fiber Arts 4H Project: Scrappy Scarves (tm)

We had to reschedule our Fiber Arts 4H meeting for two consecutive weekends due to crazy weather (snow, tidal surge flooding.) But, it was worth the wait as we met today and all nine of the members made my version of the ever so popular "infinity" scarves. True to Everything But The Oink's name, we used all of those long, narrow scraps which most people would toss into the trash.

The 4Hers used thin yarns and a running stitch (working on those needlework skills!) to artfully sew together the scraps. The running stitch allowed the kids to "scrunch" up the scraps, thereby incorporating a lot of texture into their creations.

It is always challenging to find project which are simple enough for our 3rd grade 4Hers,
yet appealing enough to our high school members. All of the kids were excited about wearing their scarves tomorrow, so Scrappy Scarves were a success!