Friday, January 6, 2012

Now THIS is a Public Art Project-"Yarn Bombing" in Seattle

Today, on a cold, dreary day in the Pacific Northwest, I was driving through downtown Seattle. I'm just recovering from a serious bout with the flu and was frankly tired and grumpy about having to drive "in the city." All of a sudden, I just had to smile.....

While stopped at a busy intersection in Pioneer Square, my eye caught color....bright, vivid color and on TREES! The trees had striped knitted blankets rising up their massive trunks. I just had to open my car door and take a quick cell phone photo, as shown below.

Unfortunately, you can't see the color like I did, but after coming home, I researched "knitted trees" in Seattle and found this article about the art exhibit.

By Jessica Alberg
Whimsical Dr. Seuss trees and light poles are springing up in Pioneer Square’s Occidental Park, thanks to local artist Suzanne Tidwell.

Tidwell is participating in yarn bombing, sometimes considered a form of graffiti, which uses colorful yarn instead of paint or anything permanent. Tidwell, who posted on her web site that she was hired by the Seattle Parks & Recreation department to create an art installation for its summer ARTSparks program in Pioneer Square, is wrapping 16 small light posts, 16 tall light posts, 13 small bollards, 52 tall bollards, 16 flower pots of various sizes, and 42 trees in Occidental Park.

The installation will be up all summer, and the stripes (done in a palette of warm purples, reds, oranges, yellows and pinks) are designed not only to reflect the summer, or wish for summer, but to contrast with the dark, green square.

Before Occidental Park, Tidwell was already yarn bombing. Her yarn bombings have included tree stumps all over the city and a scarf for the famous Fremont Troll. Tidwell had hoped to have her installation up by June 11, the first International Yarn Bombing Day ever.

But the task of covering Occidental Park was too massive to complete by then, so the art project continues. Tidwell has been getting some help, posting a statement on her blog: “So... grab your most HOT, SHOCKING, and VIVID yarns... On your mark...get set...KNIT with me!”
Hopefully it will also bring a smile to your heart on this cold winter night.



  1. i WANT TO knit these for my fence posts. I wonder what yarn would be colorfast and not run. Terri P.

  2. I'm sure the artist would help you with info regarding yarn selection. I'd love to come over and help with your project when you get it started. :)