Sunday, January 15, 2012

What's In My Sewing Basket Today?

I acquired a large men's cardigan sweater in cashmere! However, it had quite a few small holes in it, so I decided to work with smaller pieces and make my first Ugly Baby doll. It was so much fun! I loved incorporating the cardigan pocket into the doll, making a "pocket pouch" for a teensy Ugly Baby rattle.

Interested in buying this little guy or one of our other Ugly Buddies? (Custom orders also welcome.)

What's in YOUR sewing basket today?



  1. Just found you via resweater! What great crafty goodness!!!! I love this guy!!!! So clad I found you!
    Amy in Sebastopol, CA

  2. Thanks so much Amy! Where is Sebastopol? (My daughter is a freshman at Sac State.)

  3. Hi Dena and Adrianna,
    Sebastopol is about 1.5 hours South West of Sacramento. We are 20 minutes from Bodega Bay and 15 minutes West of Santa Rosa. OMG my favorite place on the planet is Bainbridge Island. We just bought a tiny apartment in an old officer's quarters that we are renting out and will hopefully live in one day. It is across the street from Ft. Ward. We visited Whidbey for a day trip from Bainbridge...lovely. I have thrifted in Bainbridge, Bremerton and enviorons. The best is the Rotary Sale in Bainbridge. Check out my FB page (Amy Ellen Zimmer) where I just posted my second hat...Please stay in touch and if you find yourself near, please be in touch...Amy (PS I teach HS Math and several of my students are at Sac State. My DH and daughter are on their way back east for a college tour next month...we are also wanting her to have a west coast back up...Lewis and Clark?) Amy