Monday, January 23, 2012

Make It Mondays! Upcyclers

In the place of a tutorial today, I wanted to share a source of blissful inspiration: The Upcyclers blog.

This 1,000+ group of ecofriendly Etsy upcyclers are kindred spirits indeed. Whenever I hit a creative "funk", all I need to do is peruse this blog and Etsy listings by the members and inspiration returns. :)



  1. I'm an Upcycler! I am following your blog because I wanted to find new fiber art ideas for my art classroom! Thanks for all of the ideas, hope to put some to use soon.

  2. thank you Tracey! I teach (for free) in local elementary schools and am working with a high school art teacher whom is going to bring wet felting into her classroom. Feel free to email me for a convo with more specific info/tips I can try to help with for fiber arts in your classroom. :)